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Wednesday, 6 May 2009




  • You are Black Panther, who can show rich affection and possess warm motherly tenderness.
  • You are not cautious person, and are passionate enough to express yourself openly to lead life.
  • You tend to be hard on yourself, but are kind and devoted to other people.
  • You prefer to have a career, and play an active part in the society.
  • You possess strong self-confidence and beliefs.
  • You put your passing ideas immediately into action.
    Therefore you give an impression of daring and person with strong driving force.
  • You don't bargain so much, and the way in which you act according to your instinct and passion gives feminine attraction.
  • You use your endless dreams as driving force.
  • Once you decide on something, you are extremely determined to complete it, and don't care about the public opinions.
  • It may be good for you to have some kind of modesty and self-examination.
  • You have great artistic and beauty sense.
  • You may be suited to have a career as a fashion designer or interior coordinator.
  • You tend to please everyone besides your family.
  • Towards your own family, you are hard and nagging.
  • When you get married you will turn out as a wife who takes control of the household.


tertarik pengen nyoba setelah liat postingan ini d blognya jeng Mita ^^

**wave  to Mita


  1. ce aku abis cek jugah...kok podoh sehhhh...."black panther" padal kan aku mau pink panther...ben koyok beyonce haha opo ae me

  2. to luvmieq
    iiih koq podhoo siih... huehehhe..
    padahal aku kan gak mo sama ma cece. Wkwkwk... mizz u ce... =)